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Shaku Martial Arts, Duncan Martial Arts, Langford Martial Arts Shaku Martial Arts, Duncan Martial Arts, Langford Martial Arts Shaku Martial Arts, Duncan Martial Arts, Langford Martial Arts






Welcome to SHAKU Family Martial Arts 

Dear Families,

Welcome to SHAKU Family Martial Arts. We are the experts in the field of martial arts education for children, adults and families!  I invite you to contact us today at the location nearest you to receive your 30-Day No Risk trial so that you or your child can experience the benefits of training at our schools first hand! 


If you are considering improving you or your child's health, confidence, discipline and respect, then read on to find out how our martial arts schools can help your family!

You may already be aware of the popularity of our programs.  So why are so many students and families choosing our schools?  In a word...Results! Click on the video below to watch first hand!

 Through participation in our program, your child will...

  • Feel more certain, by learning to consistently do the right thing without being told...we call this self-discipline.  
  • Show respect and confidence by looking you in the eye and saying please and thank you! 
  • Working hard at school and at home to do the right thing and to be successful.
  • See a measurable improvement on their report card.

Remember, the benefits of Martial Arts aren't just for children...

If you're an adult, expect to experience...

  • Significant improvement in your health.  You'll have more energy to do the things you need to do each day.
  • Feeling less stressed and overwhelmed....more in control.
  • An increase in your confidence in yourself by knowing you can protect yourself when threatened verbally or physically.
  • A new circle of friends with likeminded interests and values

When children and their parents train together in our unique family programs, the benefits multiply! Click here to find out what some of our students and parents are saying! 

So, Why Should You Decide To Enroll At SHAKU?

At SHAKU Family Martial Arts we believe that the martial arts have the potential to provide enormous benefit to all people.  Whether that is actually realized will depend greatly on your choosing the right school for you or your child based on your family's personal life philosophy and objectives.  There are many aspects about our schools that influence families to choose SHAKU.  Here are some typical reasons...

1.  Environment... SHAKU Family Martial Arts Schools are positive places to be! We promote an atmosphere of respect and self-discipline.  Our students like being around other people who are positive, hard working, and respectful.  It is this environment or "culture" of our school that is appealing to so many families. 

2. Character Education... We teach much more than just punching and kicking!  Our character education program is an integral part of the martial arts education our students receive.  We don't rest on the reputation that the martial arts develop self-discipline, confidence, respect, integrity, and focus, we actually teach students how to develop these attributes for themselves!  Lessons both on and off the training floor give students the opportunity to develop into well rounded martial artists, ready to take on life's challenges.

3. Family... We are a family martial arts school.  The majority of our classes are family classes.  This creates a positive and healthy atmosphere within the school; one without macho behaviour or aggressiveness.  Moms, dads and their children working out, learning, developing life long skills and having fun together.

4. Respect...  From the moment you inquire at our school to the day you receive your Black Belt we are committed to you being treated in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner.  Our instructors are professionally trained not only in the martial arts but also in the area of developing individual potential.  You and your child will be treated as an individual and supported throughout your training.

5. Quality...Our training programs and classes are organized, well structured and delivered with the highest level of instructional expertise.  Rigorous training and the highest standard for attitude and skill development is the result.  We are a martial arts school and thus have high expectations for our students.

6. Results...  Our students get the results they are looking for!  Whether it's getting in shape for adults, learning self-defense or improving confidence and self-discipline for children, our school delivers on what we say we do.  Students stay at our school because our training programs improve our students' lives and the results are undeniable!

We invite parents of children aged 4-12 and teens and adults of all ages who are interested in receiving the kind of benefits mentioned above to contact the school nearest you today to schedule a no-obligation information meeting.  Join the thousands of students who have already benefited from training at SHAKU.  We look forward to meeting with you and your family soon!

Click below for more information about the school nearest you. Enjoy Your Training!

   Kingston - Nanaimo - Ladysmith 


All our SHAKU™ schools are proud to offer a 30-Day no-risk  trial to enable students, parents and instructors sufficient time to evaluate the suitability of our programs.  If you would like to explore this option for you or your child, just FILL OUT THIS FORM and an instructor will call you to schedule a school orientation meeting.  Please mention that you found us on the web and you will receive a complimentary uniform at no charge!




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